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Mixing Mill

Mixing Mill

SlachHydratecs rubber mixing mill is designed and developed for high quality and excellent performance of rubber, plastic and other polymers. The mill is typically assembled on a steel foundation plate or heavy duty channel which is again set on rubber-pads or sound-metals adjustable, to isolate noise- levels to the building also to avoid tensions on the mill structure precisely levelling out of the mill is very important. Two rigid pillars with removable tops carry the rolls which are placed either in friction/ bush bearings or high quality ant-friction roller bearings. Roller brarings are pretty much standard nowadays, as they allow for 20-30% in power savings. A lubrication system is no longer required.


Rubber mixing mill can have speed variable models with frequency controls options. Friction, speed, gap size, essentially all operating parameters can be stored in the PLC to be used next time if you have the same compound. Through friction different forces act on the compound, as mass- particles are being moved against each other as soon as the compound is compressed in to the gap between rolls. Friction also builds up roll turning in the gap which again helps homogenizing the compound.

Material Guides

At the ends of the roll faces the roll nip is being limited by the compound guide cheeks. The compound guide cheeks of split design with “center tongue” avoid lateral escape of compound from the working area in any case.

Roll NIP Adjustment

Adjustment of the front roll used to be made y hand (manual y ratchet). Today the gap between the roll is adjusted by gear motors individually mounted on both sides of the mill stand. Safety pads are provided between the coupling and the nip adusting screw. Auto adjustment can be done through LinearPotentio Meter/ Linear Scales with PLC. They also open roll gap immediately when pushing the safety bar in front or back in case of emergency.

Stock Blender (Optional)

Designed with mechanical reversing carriage for trouble and maintenance free operation with adjustable speed to synchronize the blender with open mill working speed. Two supporting rolls(grounded and hardchrome plated) shall be provided in front and rear side of the stock blender bar for easy operations and minimum operator involvement after materials loading and homogenous mixing. Supplied with suitable Ac variable speed motor and suitable starter.

Models available
Two Roll Rubber Mixing Mill with Bull Gear Drive
Two Roll Rubber Uni-Drive Mixing Mill with Auto Reverse and Brake
Salient Features
  • Universal np roll adjustment.
  • Roller revolution on Anti-Friction Roller Bearings
  • Drive- Uni-Drvies system through specially designed coupling.
  • No foundation required-machine mounted on Anti Vibro Mounts.
  • Power Saving.
  • Emergency knee operated mechanism for operator’s safety. Thryruster/pneumatic breaking with auto reversing(operator & machine safety measures).
  • Operator friendly.
  • Dust stop roller guides.
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Steel casted stands & caps
  • Conventional model with ‘V’ Belt drive
  • Conventioanl model with worm reducer.
  • Uni-Drive model (Direct coupling)
Mixing Mill Technical Data
Models ROLL
Diameter(mm) X Barel Length(mm)
Friction Ratio RPM
Front X Rear
Drive Motor kw/hp
SHDX-MM 6”X15” 152.4                381 1:1.25 22       24 35-45 7.5
SHDX-MM 8”X18” 203.2               457.2 1:1.25 20      22 35-45 15
SHDX-MM 10”X24” 254.0                609.6 1:1.25 18       20 35-45 15/20
SHDX-MM  12”X30” 304.8               762 1:1.25 16      18 35-45 25/30
SHDX-MM 14”X 36” 355.6               914.4 1:1.25 16      18 35-45 30/40
SHDX-MM 16”X42” 406.4               1066.8 1:1.25 14      16 35- 45 50/60
SHDX-MM  18”X48” 457.2               1219.2 1:1.25 12       14.5-15 35-45 60/75
SHDX-MM 22”X60” 457.2                1219.2 1:1.25 12      14 35-45 125
SHDX-MM 26”X84” 660.4                2133.6 1:1.25 10        12 35-45 250
  • Dough direct with mixing mill 35-45 minutes*
  • Dough comes from dispersion kneader & internal mixer 10-15 minutes
  • We reserve the rights to change/modify/ upgrade technical specification due to continuous R&D
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