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Internal Mixer Drop Door Type

Internal Mixer

Drop Door Type

Slach Hydratecs introduced the concept of a drop door type to the Rubber & Polymer Processing Industries. The machine being developed today, constructed with very advance features, setting unmatched standards of performance in batch mixing techniques. The mixing is accomplished by four different steps: Milling, Kneading, Longitudinal Cutback & Lateral Overlap.

These four steps together with correct temperature control of the mixing Chamber results in high quality compound with short mixing cycle. The cooling water or steam circulated through the rotors, drop door and jacketed walls of chamber, to provide the optimum temperature for better mixing. Slach Internal Mixer (Drop Door Type) is most rugged to work on high speeds, power and pressures. This machine has advanced features and improved manufacturing methods for efficient mixing, dispersion & blending of any sort of elastomers (natural & synthetic rubber), plastics (PVC, PE, PP EVA etc) fillers as well, this machine applies to all Polymer Processing Industries.

Salient Features
  • Rotors made out of one piece alloy steel casting, then mixing edges surface are hard welding coating/deposits and then hardchrome deposits to maintain proper clearance between rotors & chambers for long time efficient mixing. Rotors are duly water cooled throughout and edges provided with rotary joints for efficient cooling and heating as per requirement.
  • Double jacketed main mixing chamber with exceptional heat transfer with great strength. The whole mixing area of chamber is hardened by way of hard welding deposits, then hard-chorme plated to give maximum working life for efficient mixing.
  • End Frame: Made out of single piece casting with quick replaceable wear plates & replaceable bearing housing assemblies.
  • Floating Ram: Single piece alloy steel casted Double Gabble Type V. Bottom floating ram duly hard chrome plated water cooled to maintain the required temperature of compound while mixing, actuated with high pressure pneumatic cylinder for pulling the compound into two rotors under high pressure.
  • Drop Door Mechanism: Single piece alloy steel casted rigid drop door with hardened wedge duly hard chrome plated, water cooled to maintain required temprature of mixing, actuated with rotary actuator for efficient and quick opening and closing for discharge o compound, operated through Hydraulic Power Pack.
  • Dust Stop Seals: Hardened surface specially designed Positive dust stop rings lubricated by high pressure grease pump for efficient sealing off fillers. This individual grease pump also feed the grease to main rotor bearing for longer working life.
  • Feeding Door: Made out of steel actuated through pneumatic cylinder for opening & closing to ensure prevent leakage of fillers while mixing.
  • Base Plate: The machine is mounted on heavy duty base plate for vibration free operation.
  • Drivers Heavy duty helical hardened and ground gearbox coupled through heavy duty gear couplings with rotors shaft on output and input shaft with motor on separate base.
  • Electric Motor: A.C. Induction Sq. case star delta or slippering motor can be provided depending upon different application. A.C. variable D.C. variable/ Hydraulic drive can also be supplied on request.
  • Electric operating panel: Shall be supplied as per the suitable drive as standard
Technical Technical Data
Model Machine Size SHDX 001 DD 12 ltrs. cap SHDX 002 DD 30 ltrs. cap. SHDX 002/3 DD55 ltrs. cap. SHDX 003 DD 82 ltrs. cap.
Machine Capacity 10 Kg. 25Kg. 45 Kg. 65 Kg.
Standard Rotor RPM 27/32 27/32 27/32 27/32
Motor Power KW/HP 30/40 75/100 112/150 150/200
Discharge Method Drop Door Drop Door Drop Door Drop Door
Mixing Time Depending upon various viscosity of compound 3-4 min. app. 3-4 min. app. 3-4 min. app. 3-4 min. app.
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