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Dispersion Kneader Four Wing

Dispersion Kneader Four Wing

Uni-drive & V’ belt model

SlachHydratecsFW-HS-Series: Mixers are a highly versatile range of batch mixers for the rubber industry. These mixers are provided with high power mixing mode to handle tough rubber. Nominal batch capacity is influenced by fill factor and specific gravity of the rubber.

Four Wing Rotors Provide excellent dispersion in the mix, generate smooth material circulation within the chamber, and maintain an even temperature and pressure specification throughout the mix. Recognized as the pioneer in Rubber and Tyre machinery in India, Slachhydratecs shall remain the expert one stop source for all requirements of the industry. It stands committed to provide innovative technology advances to the emerging needs of its valued customers.

Mixing Chamber: The part coming in contact with mixing material is made of single piece alloy steel casting with specific composition to withstand maximum mixing life to the chamber. The edge comes in contact to knead polymers are further processed with hard wielding deposits with special process and composition to withstand hardness of 55 RC to maintain maximum life the clearance between chamber and the rotors for longer life of efficient mixing & result whereas are manufacturing the same with fabricated steel, which has lesser life than SLACH made chambers.

Floating Weight: The part coming in contact with mixing material is made of single piece alloy casting of right thickness to withstand maximum life and to maintain side clearance to prevent leakage of ingredients. The lid is water cooled provided with two parallel inlet and outlet steel piping of right thickness which are acting as support for parallel up and down movement of floating weight.

Rotors: The rotors are four wing design rotors having wings made of special purpose alloy steel casted material which comes in contact with the mixing & are further hardened through special purpose / grade crack free deposits, having hardness of app. 520- 550 BHN & further hard chrome plated.

Transmission: SH-FW-HS Series comes with direct drive coupling between gearbox & motor to ensure ‘high power to be transmitted to the compound in the chamber resulting in fast batch mixing. ‘V’ Belt Type Transmission Model is also available.

“SlachHydratecs” SH-FW _HS series Tangentile – 4 – Wing Rotor Hi Tech Dispersion Kneader consist of following salient features:-

  • “SlachHydratecs” SH-FW series Tangentile Rotors gives distributive & dispersive & masticate material at lower discharging temperature
  • SH-FW Series Tangential Four Wing highly efficient Rotors geometry (Long Wing – Short Wing ) have different helix angels matched in ratio which enlarges Shear Stress & Extrusion force which is Suitable for all kind of Rubber & polymer Mix Compound with High efficiency & Good Dispersion Quality
  • SH- FW Series in Uni- Drive Design
  • SH-FW Series with Reduced Mixing Cycle time as compared to Standard Rotor Design Dispersion Kneader in large amount
  • Increased Fill Factor
  • Better Flow of material between Mixing Chamber with Newly designed SH-FW Series Feed hopper Ram/Pressure Lid
  • Water cooled tips for most efficient Rotor cooling
  • Low Friction Ratio to enhance distribution shear load between Rotor & excellent control of shearing heat
  • 20-25% More Power Energy for Distribution &Dispersive Mixing
  • Deliver high power plasticizing results
  • Single Step & Multi Step Mixing option
  • Full PLC Controlled operation Cycle
  • Temprature of all Mixing Zones controlled through P I D Controllers
  • Inter locking between feed hopper & Tilt Mechanism
Models Total Volume Capacity in Ltrs. Total Batch Capacity (Kgs) Rear and Front Roror-(RPM) Main Motor (HP) Tilt Discharge System Tilting Angel (Degree) Tilt Discharge Motor (HP) Optionally reqd. Air CompressorHP/PSI/ CFM App. Wt. of Machines (in KG)
SH-FW-HS-003 LTRS 7 3-4 45/40 7.5 Screw/worm 125-140 1 1/125/5.3 1300
SH-FW-HS-005 LTS 10 5-8 45/40 10 Screw/Worm 125-140 1 2/125/8 1800
SH-FW-HS-010 LTRS 25 10-15 45/40 20 Screw/Worm 125-140 1 3/125/8 2700
SH-FW-HS-015 LTRS 28 15-18 45/40 30 Screw/Worm 125-140 1 3/125/8 3100
SH-FW-HS-025 45 25-38 4540 60 Screw/Worm 125-140 3 3/125/10 6200
SH-FW-HS-035 LTRS 80 40-53 45/40 75 Screw/Worm 125-140 5 5/125/23 7500
SH-FW-HS-055 125 55-80 45/40 100 Screw/Worm 125-140 5 7/5/125/24 8500
SH-FW-HS-075 LTRS 170 75-105 45/40 125 Screw/ Worm 125-140 5 7.5/125/24 9500
SH-FW-HS-125 LTRS 215 100-155 45/40 150 Screw/worm 125-140 7.5 10/125/35 11500
SF-FW-HS-150 LTRS 280 150-210 45/40 200 Screw/Worm 125-140 10 15/125/57 14500
  • The above models & specifications can change due to continuous R & D fully hydraulically operated Models are also available.
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