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Compression Moulding Press

Hydraulic Press

SlachHydratecs offers you the latest technology of affordable prices. SHDXCM-MD and SHDX-CM-PP model are compact, rigid and extra heavy duty. Machines with Hi Tech polyurethane seal packing and standardised hydraulic cylinder design for trouble free and maintenance free working for years, and wide range to choose, from 20 ton to 2000 ton and above.

Main stand, frame is fabrocated and assembled above on requirement with great expertise with zero deftection between both gates and welded wit X-ray uality welding electrodes for crack free heavy duty joints to withstand heavy stress and strain loads at high tempraturers.

Cylinder and Packing: are designe for zero leakage and trouble free performance. Made out of solid shafts with chilled, graded casting or steel piston ram with grinding and appropriate thickness of hard chrome plating. Seal packing and guide liners are of international hydraulic standards and designed specifically for Indian conditions.

Heated Plattens: with option of steam, thermic fluid, and electrical heating, multi-daylight plattens are designed for even heat distribution with minimum temperature variations at the plate surface.

Hydraulic Unit: Hydraulic power pack is fabricated and designed with extra safety, extra duty pipe fitting and leak free joints for minimum leakage in plumbing line and minimum pressure loss due to leakage. Hydraulic pumping unit has option of SHEL gear plunger pump or with standard supply tandempump with circuit design of minimum power and pressure losses and lowest possible heat generation in the oil, which saves your money by eliminating leakage, oil losses and machine breakdowns.

Electrical Controls: Electricals panel consisting of temperature indicators, controllers motor starter and has option of automatic degasing cycles at regulated speeds and delay timed. Machine can be operated by a single push-bottons action and process automatic for degasing, curing holding and auto opening.

Salient Features
  • Heavy duty base frame
  • Strain rod type (Pillar type) & Window type design models available
  • Semi –Automatic & Fully Automatic
  • Die mould ejector system
  • High speed closing & opening of die mould
  • Models Available from 5 tons upto 565 tons
Technical Technical Data
SH DX-CM-MD 10”X10” 20 TON 5” 5” 5”X1DL 2HP
SH DX-CM-MD 12”X12” 30 TON 6” 6” 6” X 1 DL 2 HP
SH DX-CM-MD 16”X16” 75 TON 8” 10” 5” X 2 DL 3 HP
SH DX-CM-MD 18”X20” 150 TON 12” 16” 4” X 4 DL 5 HP
SH DX-CM-MD 24”X24” 200 TON 14” 16” 4” X 4 DL 7.5 HP
SH DX-CM-MD 28”X28” 250 TON 16” 20” 4” X 5 DL 10HP
SH DX-CM-MD 32”X32” 400 TON 20” 24” 4” X 4 DL 10HP
SH DX-CM-MD 36”X40” 600TON 24” 30” 5” X 6 DL 15+2HP
SH DX-CM-MD 40”X48” 800 TON 28” 30” 5” X 6 DL 20 + 3 HP
SH DX-CM-MD 42”X50” 580 TON 28” 30” 5” X 6 DL 20 + 3HP
SH DX-CM-MD 52”X52” 1000 TON 30” 25” 5” X 5 DL 30 + 5HP
SH DX-CM-MD 60”X60” 1200 TON 34” 20” 10” X 2 DL 30 + 5HP
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