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(3/4/5 Roll)

Calender mainly consist of roller , roller bearing rack, nip adjustment device, transmission system lubrication system, roll temperature adjustment device, security and control systems and other components .

The Roller: is hollow type, by steam heating or water cooling, the material is chilled allow cast iron, has high hardness and high abrasion resistance of the working surface after the grinding.

Transmission System: is speed reducer and ration grear driven by the motor so roller pairs relative to the direction of rotation. The motor is invertor motor the speed of roller is stepless variable which can timely reflect the speed of the roller on the control cabinet.

Nip Adjustment Device: Lower rollers at both ends each have a set of controllable nip adjustment device and under the control if this device, the roller may be moving in the spout to achieve the purpose of adjusting distance. Each set of nip adjustment device by the reducer through a warm pay deceleration; the transmission screw rotate the nut which fixed on the rack thereby driven by roller moving.

Roll Temperature Adjustment Device: At one end of the machine equipped pipe valve with thermostat device, open the valve, water or steam via the rotary joint into the roller, the roller is cooled or heated, through the heat exchange of the exhaust gas or vapor administered below the nozzle discharge. If more strict control of temperature, it can plus a thermostat heat exchanger.

Lubrication System: Roller bearings is forced thin oil circulating lubrication, fuel tank filled with lubricating oil and equipped with a spiral cooling tube in order to reduce the oil temperature and ensure the good lubrication of the bearings. The oil pressure is generally adjusted in 0.1-0.2 MPa and adjust a pressure through the regulator, the lubrication system set of two filters, unscrew the top cover and take out the filter and clean with kerosene to maintain a smooth flow of clean oil line; ratio gear lubrication is also the oil pump to the oil circulation lubrication; reducer using thin oil nationality gear lubrication oil level should be with the oil gauge scale shown; reducer of the nip adjustment device, when installed in the machine or repair after the first use, should be screwed open box cover at the top of the plug, inject a certain amount of lubricating oil; worm gear box grease plug injected from a tank shell, remove the scale on the top cover, from screw end oil cup inject grease for lubrication screw.

Models available
Three roll calendar (uni drive)
Four roll calendar (Bull gear drive)
Five roll calendar (Bull gear drive)
  • All models available in Uni Drive & Bull Gear Drive
Technical Data For Calender 2/3/4/5 Roll
Models ROLL
Diameter (mm) X Barel Length (mm)
Front    Rear
Drive Motor kw/hp
SHDX-CAL 6” X 18” 152.4   X   457.2 12    13 7.5-10 7.5
SHDX-CAL 8” X 24” 203.2   X   609.2 11    12 20-25 15
SHDX-CAL 10”X30” 254.0   X   762.0 10    11 25-30 20
SHDX-CAL 12”X36” 304.8   X   914.4 9    10 35-40 30
SHDX-CAL 14”X42” 355.6   X   1066.8 8    9 40-50 40
SHDX-CAL 16”X48” 406.4   X   1219.2 7    8 55-70 60
SHDX-CAL 18”X54” 457.2   X   1371.6 6    7 75-90 75
SHDX-CAL 22”X66” 457.2   X   1676.4 5    6 90-110 125
SHDX-CAL 24”X72” 609.6   X   1828.8 4    5 160-180 250
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